For Women


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Whether it is a one off phone call or long term contact we can provide you with:

  • information, support and the chance to talk

  • somewhere to stay in safe temporary accommodation either in this area or in another area which may be safer for you

  • tell you about your legal rights, housing options and welfare benefits and help you get these

  • help to make sure you and your children are safe from harm

  • provide you with information to empower you to make your own decisions about what to do now and plan for your future


If you require temporary safe accommodation we can provide you and your children with a space in one of our refuges within West Lothian. We have workers who will support you and your children while you are there.
For women who may not want or need to come into our refuge we have our floating support service. Our worker will visit you in your own home or a place that is safe for you to offer you the support and information you require.