Will I have my own room?
Our accommodation is communal living which means you will share your bathroom, kitchen and living room with some of the other women staying in our houses but you will always have your own bedroom, or family bedroom.
Can my family or friends visit?
Our temporary accommodation is a shared living space and has to be a safe place for all the women in it, for this reason we ask that you don’t invite guests over or tell people your address when you are staying here.
I am part of the LGBT community - can you support me?
Yes! We support all women. Whether you are in a same sex or opporsite sex relationship. Whether your birth given gender is woman or you’re a trans woman; if you’re gender identity is woman – we will support you if you are experiencing domestic abuse.
I am part of a BME - can you support me?
Yes! We work with women from all different backgrounds and have a close connection with Shakti Women’s Aid who you can call for more information on 0131 475 2399.
Can I bring my pets with me?
We can’t have pets in our temporary accommodation but we do have contacts for pet fostering. Please call Pet Fostering Service Scotland on 0844 811 9909.
I am a man - can you help me?
We only support women however there are places that can help! Please call AMIS on 0808 800 0024, Fearless on 0131 624 7266 or Scotland’s Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0800 027 1234.
Are you part of West Lothian Council?
No we are an independent self-governed SCIO. However, we do work closely with West Lothian Council and Scottish Women’s Aid.